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2010 - úroveň B1

Section II – Lang uage in Use (20 points)

Táto časť testu sa skladá z dvoch textov. Jej vypracovaniu by ste mali venovať približne 25 minút.

Part 1: Where It All Began (10 points)

V nasledujúcom texte sú na miestach 21 – 30 vynechané slová. Za textom nájdete pre každé vynechané miesto štyri možnosti doplnenia. Rozhodnite, ktorá z ponúkaných možností (A) – (D) je správna. Vždy je správna iba jedna možnosť.
Príklad: ___00___ - (C)

Even though Earth is billions of years old, human ___00___ only entered the picture as recently as a few hundred thousand years ___21___ . It took a while before we progressed from ___22___ in caves (hunting and gathering), to farming, and ___23___ to establishing towns and cities.
At first, people ___24___ near river valleys as the land was fertile and the waterways provided water and a ___25___ of travelling. Societies began to organise themselves more efficiently around a ___26___ language, shared customs and laws. This was how civilizations were born.
The earliest civilizations ___27___ in Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley and China a long time ago. Later there emerged the Greek, Roman and Islamic civilisations, as well as the Aztec and the Mayan.
Throughout history, people ___28___ from the advancements of past civilizations. For example, the Greeks ___29___ the world philosophy, the Jews contributed the concept of monotheism, the Indians introduced the concept of negative numbers, while Aztecs ___30___ made our beloved chocolate.


A) B) C) D)


A) B) C) D)


A) B) C) D)


A) B) C) D)


A) B) C) D)


A) B) C) D)


A) B) C) D)


A) B) C) D)


A) B) C) D)


A) B) C) D)


A) B) C) D)

Part 2: Penguins: Waiters of the Bird World (10 points)

V nasledujúcom texte sú na miestach 31 – 40 vynechané slová. Doplňte vždy iba jedno slovo. Príklad: ___00___ their

Although people can’t live long in the Antarctic, penguins love frosty homes.
Penguins can’t fly, but they part of the bird family. There are seventeen species of penguin living and near the Antarctic.
The emperor penguin is biggest. It is 122 cm tall and weighs 40 kg. The smallest is the fairy penguin which is 35 cm tall and weighs 1 kg. On average it lives 6.5 years.
Penguins are good swimmers. They swim so quickly that they look they are flying under water.
Little penguins eat tiny animals called krill, l29arger penguins eat fish and squid. Penguins are so scared of sharks that they will jump into the water if no other penguin is already swimming . They line up on the beach and try to push other in! Nature parks been opened in Southern Australia and New Zealand where people can study penguins in the wild.

Koniec druhej časti testu

Section III – Reading (20 points)

Táto časť testu sa skladá z troch ukážok. Jej vypracovaniu by ste mali venovať približne 45 minút.

Part 1: A Former Punk Rocker Recalls (7 points)

Prečítajte si nasledujúci text. K úlohám 41 – 47 priraďte vhodnú vetu spomedzi možností (A) – (J). Tri vety sa nedajú priradiť k žiadnej z úloh. Vždy existuje iba jedno správne riešenie.

As a child I always longed to be different. When I was fourteen I decided to celebrate my individuality. ___41___ I headed for a special hairdresser. I knew what I wanted – long hair at the back dyed pink and a huge red Mohican on top. This was my first rebellious act, the first of many.
When I came back to Seaford later that day, everyone went crazy. ___42___ They looked at me with horror. ‘Why on earth do you want to do this to yourself?’ my mum asked. At the time I wasn’t really sure.
Although the headmaster of my school asked me to leave, I refused to have my hair dyed back to its normal colour. ___43___ However, as a protest, at the end of the day, I’d stand outside the school gates showing my hair in all its punky glory.
I was one of the first punks, a style leader, I suppose. ___44___ I became a shop assistant in a punk store. People would come into the shop just to look at us crazy-looking assistants!
I was soon known as The Face of Punk. I managed a punk group, and I lived in a notorious flat which became a mecca for punks. However, I never went out with any of them. Guys were frightened of my reputation – I had stood in a London gallery as a living piece of punk art. They felt I was untouchable.
It may seem strange that I’ve ended up living in Seaford as a veterinary assistant. ___45___ Several years ago, my sister-in-law asked if I could help on her farm and while I was there, the local vet’s office rang to see if I could do a couple of days’ work. ___46___
Punk was all very well, but I got very, very tired from working and partying. I’m more satisfied with my life now. I love my job and I adore my six cats. ___47___ In spite of this, I don’t think I’ve lost my sense of individuality.
A) I worked in the gallery for a few months.
B) After I finished my secondary studies, I started looking for a job.
C) So I saved all my pocket money and took the train from Seaford to London.
D) These days I have to wear a uniform to work.
E) That’s because one of my other passions in life, apart from fashion, is animals.
F) Although the headmaster punished me, I continued wearing the new hair style.
G) In the end we reached a compromise and I wore a headscarf.
H) I borrowed some money from my parents.
I) My enthusiasm helped and they offered me a full-time job.
J) As soon as I walked through the door, my parents’ mouths opened in surprise.

41) A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I) J)
42) A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I) J)
43) A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I) J)
44) A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I) J)
45) A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I) J)
46) A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I) J)
47) A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I) J)

Part 2: An Irishman in Madrid (6 points)

Prečítajte si nasledujúci text. Rozhodnite o každom z tvrdení 48 – 53, či je pravdivé (A) alebo nepravdivé (B). Uveďte vždy aj označenie toho odseku (a) – (e), na základe ktorého ste rozhodli o pravdivosti alebo nepravdivosti daného tvrdenia. Vždy existuje iba jedno správne riešenie.

(a) I am a typical fan of Spain. As a child I spent a lot of holidays on the costas (Spanish for ‘beaches’), and at school there were a lot of Spanish students, so I developed a love for the place – though for me the costas are not the real Spain. It saddens me to think that foreigners think that’s what Spain is.
(b) The social life is very easy. My Spanish has really improved in the year-and-a-half I’ve been here: I spoke textbook Spanish before I came, but now I speak much better colloquial Spanish. Watching television is a great help. The people are very open and very warm – from the first day I was Peter. I wasn’t a foreigner.
(c) It’s great to go out at night and explore Madrid’s bars and clubs – when you have time. The university, Comillas, I’m studying at has a good reputation for making you work hard, and it has a good name among Spaniards. They all told me: ‘If you can get into Comillas, then do.’ A friend of mine saw an advertisement in a Spanish newspaper which he sent to me in Dublin, and that was it.
(d) I’m living in a rented room in a house out of the centre. I’d rather live more centrally – if I want to go shopping, I have to take the metro. I don’t know whether I’ll have to pay rent through the summer yet, though. Accommodation in Madrid is a problem – I’d like to have my own place one day, but it’s very expensive. Getting grants isn’t easy for foreign students.
(e) I feel just as Spanish as I do Irish now, and I love Madrid. It has some disadvantages as all cities, of course – you are always rushing up and down stairs on the metro. It’s a strange place – a big city with a small-town atmosphere. The friendliness of the people makes it like that. I’d like to stay in Spain – not in the city necessarily, but that’s where the work will be, of course.

48)Peter’s aim is to work in Spain.

Which of the paragraphs supports your answer?

49)Peter is studying at a very good university in Madrid.

Which of the paragraphs supports your answer?

50)Peter is very satisfied with the location of the house in which he lives.

Which of the paragraphs supports your answer?

51)Peter’s nationality was a problem for him.

Which of the paragraphs supports your answer?

52)Peter agrees when foreigners identify Spain with costas.

Which of the paragraphs supports your answer?

53)Peter’s friend informed him of the Spanish university.

Which of the paragraphs supports your answer?

Part 3: A Part of a Letter to a Pet-sitter (7 points)

Prečítajte si nasledujúci text. Za textom nasledujú vety, v ktorých chýbajú slová 54 – 60. Doplňte ich. Doplňte jedno alebo dve slová.

Dear Lee,
As I told you, I’ll be gone until Wednesday morning. Thank you so much for taking on my ‘children’ while I’m away. Like real children, they can be irritating sometimes, but I’m going to enjoy myself so much more knowing they’re getting some kind human attention. Remember that Regina is teething. If you don’t watch her, she’ll chew anything, including the cat. There are plenty of chew toys around the house. Whenever she starts biting anything illegal, just turn her attention to one of those. She generally settles right down to a good hour-long chew. Then you’ll see her wandering around crying with the remains of the toy in her mouth. She gets really frustrated because what she wants is to bury the thing. She’ll try to dig a hole between the cushions of the couch. Finding that unsatisfactory, she’ll wander some more, restless, until you solve her problem for her. I usually show her the laundry basket, moving a few clothes so she can bury her toy beneath them.
Regina’s food is the Puppy Chow in the cellar, where the other pet food is kept. Give her a bowl once in the morning and once in the evening. No more than that, no matter how much she begs. Many beagles over-eat, according to her breeder, and I don’t want her to lose her girlish figure. She needs to go out several times a day, especially last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Let her stay out for about ten minutes, so she can do all her business. She also needs a walk in the afternoon, after which it’s important to play with her for a while in the yard. The game she loves is fetch, but be sure to make her drop the ball. She’d rather play tug of war with it. Tell her, ‘Sit!’. Then, when she does, say ‘Drop it!’. Be sure to tell her ‘good girl’, and then throw the ball for her. I hope you’ll enjoy these sessions as much as I do.
Now for the other two, Rex and Paws… (letter continues)

54) The pet-sitter should ________ Regina all the time. (1 word)

55) According to the owner, the best place for hiding the toys is the ________ ________ . (2 words)

56) When Regina does something wrong, the pet-sitter should attract her attention to ________ .

57) The pet-sitter should help Regina to ________ the toy. (1 word)

58) Food for all the pets is stored in the ________ . (1 word)

59) The pet-sitter should allow Regina to go out at least ________ . (1 word)

60) The owner is not returning home before ________ ________. (2 words)